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Why we do this.

About Happy Skin

Everybody should have the opportunity to live their best life. Together, we can make a real change and save lives through changing habits around sunscreen and becoming proactive in taking control of our own health.

In early 2017, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening Melanoma Skin Cancer from years out in the sun without sunscreen/sun protection, playing football, travelling etc. Thankfully it was caught early and now, I use that (scary) experience as drive to create positve impact by helping encourage others to keep their skin safe, and curb the alarming Skin Cancer statistics here in Australia.

Dylan Manov
Founder & Director

Something needs to change.

The Problem

Australia has the highest Skin Cancer rates of anywhere in the world. The facts below yes are scary, but should also motivate people to be sun smart.

2 out of 3

Approximately, two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70.


Sunburn causes 95% of Melanomas, the most deadly form of skin cancer.

15-39 year olds

Melanoma is the most common cancer in young Australians (15–39 year olds) making up 20% of all their cancer cases.

5 hours

Melanoma causes 75% of skin cancer related deaths, with one person dying every 5 hours in Australia.

Early Detection

Melanoma, if detected/treated early, has a survival rate of nearly 100%.

Severe Sunburn

Severe sunburn during childhood can DOUBLE your risk of Melanoma.

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Awareness Activities

Connecting with the community with a range of activities to encourage sun safe practices whilst outdoors.

Youth Education

We have a responsibility to teach future generations strong sun-safe habits so their future-self will thank them later.

Work together to achieve together.

Let's collab!


We are looking for forward thinking, community sponsorship corporate partners to help activate our sunscreen dispensers in public locations


Local council’s have a unique opportunity to lead the way in community health value activities. Let’s chat about how we can demonstrate value for your ratepayers and council visitors.


Help us be agents of change to make Australia safe under the sun whilst at work and play. Government support is crucial to achieving our big dreams.


We are looking to work with community groups, NGO’s and Skin Cancer foundations to help raise awareness, save lives and do more than only ‘the business stuff’. We are stronger together than apart.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Mahatma Ghandi

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